Eufy HomeBase 2 USB Dongle for Wireless Chime?

So I had seen that back in May Eufy had an FCC Filing for the HomeBase 2 USB Dongle that would essentially allow you to plug the dongle into the back of your HomeBase 2 that is paired to your Eufy Battery Doorbell, and then use the current Eufy Chime with the Battery Doorbell.

The picture above is within the Eufy App under the Battery Doorbell section that asks about what device you would like to use as your associated chime.

Just wondering when Eufy May make this option available? I believe the Eufy support team had told me this would be available “soon” months ago.

Please let me know.

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Wait, what? I assumed that add on chime was so you could scatter chimes around your house. The homebase already is a chime for the battery doorbell, so plugging another directly into it makes zero sense to me.

…unless it’s rechargeable and they’re just showing it being recharged by the homebase.

Fwiw everything is “coming soon” according to eufy. Soon is a relative term though. Could be months, could be years, could be never. This has a filing, so probably eventually.

Sure, that could also be a a use case, scattering multiple chimes around your home (including the wireless HomeBase 2). I was actually referring to the optional Wall Plug Chime Eufy offers now that is a dedicated Chime for the Wired Doorbell. I don’t think this dongle is rechargeable either based on the FCC Filings. It appears this Dongle enables the option for Battery Doorbell users who want just a wireless chime that just plugs into a wall outlet, and not the larger wireless HomeBase 2 hub acting as a Chime that is less convenient for placement and a much larger footprint. I do understand that “coming soon” could mean months, years, days or never, thanks for the clarification. Eufy has been pretty good at delivering on most promises in my opinion however, at least compared to other companies that offer similar products. Thanks.

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Enabling wired doorbell users to get a homebase chime, as well as battery doorbell users to locate chimes elsewhere.

Eufy say coming soon a lot. The kickstarter said ifttt was coming soon, and that was 2018. Linked homebases coming soon, indoor cams linked to homebase coming soon, linking devices for security mode switching coming soon… Sometimes I think they’ll tell us whatever we want to hear to sell more stuff. They do make good sometimes though.

Understood. However, I’ll still take Eufy over the promises that other companies have made. Still waiting on Ring’s Promise for Apple HomeKit compatibility. Been “coming soon” since…2016 I believe. Anker/Eufy makes fantastic products. Fingers crossed for this too.

You’ll hear no defense of Ring nor Amazon from me.

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I had two homebase2s at one point until I returned it. But was like oh I can use the second as a chime. NO. Doesn’t work. Eufy “features coming comment”.

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