Eufy Indoor 2K cameras - security issues

Hi @Mengdi @AnkerSupport

There is a reddit thread about security here:

Can you share why the indoor 2K cameras need to communicate with Eufy servers, when I only want to use Apple HomeKit with these cameras?

I just bought 2 x Indoor 2K Pan and Tilt cameras but I might return these because I only want to use them with Apple Homekit

I understand you can just delete the Eufy app once HomeKit is working but the cameras are still communicating with Eufy servers.

I hope a future firmware update can have this working properly, where HomeKit can be setup without a Eufy account…

If you eliminate the Eufy account and connection, you won’t get any firmware updates.

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As it is now yes - but there are HomeKit cameras working in the wild that don’t need a seperate account. And their firmwares update through HomeKit app…

So my request was for a future firmware upgrade that would then allow the units to work with HomeKit without a seperate Eufy account.