Eufy indoor cam 2k suggestions

I like the scrubbing idea. Like it would stich the days footage in the app with some cleverness and then you could watch the day or scrub through without having to go in and out to each clip :+1:t2:

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How about the ability to set notifications for motion on a schedule?

That’d be helpful too.


That would be nice

Another thought is the iPad app currently does not allow you to view playback when clicking on the camera it takes to live view on the iPhone app it allows you to also select playback i hope this gets added. top left this is screen shot from iPhone.

Can’t this be done already by creating creatingn customized security modes with different notification settings per camera?

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I would like to see options to setup a user id and password for the RTSP Stream. Right now when it is configured there is no option to set this up so i am limited on the security for that kind of setup. Without this it means anyone that can get access to my local LAN can get access to the camera. it is a poor idea to depend on a Wifi network password for security for a security product.


Not that i can tell yes it gives you a list of the alerts and you can click on that alert and play back but it does not give your the option to scrub the sd card in a time line at all kinda like my above picture also taken from iPhone.

Great point

I was responding to the request to manage notifications on a schedule.

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Nice suggestion, thanks

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Looks like playback is available on the iPad app just needs to be in vertical mode but lets hope they bring it to landscape mode as well .

I would like the ability to have Night Vision mode turn on but have the option to disable the on board IR lights. I use a powerful IR illuminator and mount it above or below the camera. But since I can’t turn the on board IR lights off they still attract spiders which can trigger false motion alerts.


That’s true about the bugs being attracted to the lights I could see how it would be useful to be able to control that.

Request for trash can

Dear user,
About the long press or aka Haptic Touch, we will try to explore more in later version.
If you want to view the day video in a short time, we added the playback speed control in the next app version, so stay tuned.

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Dear user,
You can set get notification or not in eufy Security app > Security in different mode. Add the different mode to schedule and choose the Schedule Mode. It will switch automatically according to your schedule.
eufy Security Team

Dear user,
Thanks a lot for your feedback. That’s correct a great idea and we’re developing but it needs some time, so stay tuned.
eufy Security Team

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  1. Instead of just RTSP, also support ONVIF with the full resolution native stream.
  2. Or at a minimum don’t compress the 1080P RTSP stream so much. The image quality is significantly worse than the stream in the mobile app and what gets recorded to the SD card.



I agree. I have a Wyze Cam that has that option to disable IR lights while keeping Auto night vision on because I have mine looking out a window.

Also hoping there are improvements to the Person AI. It doesn’t seem that aggressive in spotting people even with the sensitivity cranked to the max. There was a huge downpour today and the Wyze cam caught 2 (in separate times) one carrying an umbrella, and one with a bright yellow rain jacket.


Would love to be able to disable IR on the doorbell. It’s unusable as the IR reflects off the side wall and makes the image just go all white.
The driveway is already lit by IR from another camera. So if I could disable the doorbells own IR lights, when it goes into night mode, I think the picture would be much better.
I have other cams that have this option, so it would be great to have an option. I did try to put black tape over the IR LEDs, but IR seems to pass through the tape.
Thank you. Otherwise the doorbell is fantastic !

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