Eufy prize winners, did you ever get the item you won? (ie. Eufy SmartDrop)

Has anyone won any prizes from the contests on these forums? Did you receive any notification of when it might arrive? Or did you not receive the prize?

Won the SmartDrop contest, and have private messaged the author of the post, and can’t get a response. Would just like an update, or a response to private message.

Thanks, TW


Not a prize winner… But I signed up for the smartdrop on Kickstarter. I’m being told delivery will be end of Feb at the earliest.

Yes, it can be delivered ASAP!

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Thanks for the update! You should have my address. If you get tracking information, please forward to me. Thanks again.

Send me your mailing address please.

Or email to :

Io ho ricevuto sia la comunicazione sia il tracking sia l’oggetto vinto

Won 2 items and did receive them as well :+1:

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I won the dual door lock / smart lock but haven’t received it as yet….but have heard Australian customs are being difficult so hopefully I’ll receive it soon (although we probably won’t use it as hubby doesn’t want to get woken up from his shift work) I’m hoping to swap it with another eufy product like the floodlight camera but we’ll see​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I won one of the internal cameras last year and it was sent out ok

I’ve won a camera and I received it here in the U.S…