Eufy pro SD card

Anyone having issues with it not reading the SD Card? Any recommendations or tips

What brand? card size? Regular or High Endurance?
How long You had been using it?
Continuous or events only.?

I have been using Samsung EVO 128Gb micro SD class 10 / U2 + A2 (x4) as wels as (x2) SanDisk 128Gb cards with the same specs / ratings …all are in use for 1 to 3 years utilized by a half dozen 2K PTZ indoor cams with RECORD ON MOTION / HUMAN & PET DETECTION (1 minute interval between recognized events).

While this is not quite the same as CONTINUOUS RECORDING, trust me when I say, it’s mighty doggone close here in my house, especially with 2 puppies & a cat who rarely sit still. Nothing in the way of R/W failures, no bad sectors on any of the devices, no faulty recordings or playback errors and I did recently pull all the sd cards just to take them to my Mac and do a deep “surface” scan + R & W access w/ throughput benchmarks in order to assess the overall service life and performance of both brands of memory card and to give myself some peace of mind (hopefully) regarding longevity of my memory storage selections.

I also reformatted each card and installed them into the cameras at random. (They are all same size and spec…and I literally didn’t write down which card was in which camera because I wanted no confirmation bias whatsoever as I checked out each card). I can GLADLY REPORT…ALL WERE 100% on par with original benchmarks and there were no signs of premature wear, which admittedly surprised me to be quite frank.

Use high quality cards and you can’t go wrong. Oh and though you might be tempted to plunk down the extra cash for the HIGH ENDURANCE or PRO ENDURANCE models… I wouldn’t. There just aren’t any use cases I can see where they would or should make any perceivable difference!

Perhaps in a 24/7/365 CONTINUOUS RECORDING scenario the highest endurance might make a difference in overall longevity, but this is pure conjecture on my part and I won’t make that unfounded leap of logic.