Eufy Security Auction House Launched with Upgraded Smart Lock Touch with Wi-Fi


I bid 280

I bid 300

Eh, you can have it. I already have the smart touch lock


They have 5 seems like that’s how many is bidding right now so we could all get one :wink:

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I bid 400… This lock would make a great gift my my mother :wink:

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I put a bid in but forgot it was US based contest. Am i still able to participate and gift it to family in the US?

Thanks for the contest @Mengdi

You can save your points for next week’s auction, hahahaha

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Its one winner each contest. But like I said I already have the lock so no need for me to be greedy.

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You can mail it to your friends in US.


bid 410

bid 420

You’ve got a new competitor.

Maybe :thinking:. Just have to wait and see

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I bid 520

bid 550

Whaaat…oh it’s on 620:rofl:

Bid 700

Bid 720

bid 750