Eufy security iOS app does not work over ATT cellular - iPhone X

What do you mean by dual line? Do you mean dual sim (2 phone numbers)? I wonder how that may affect the app’s ability to connect with the cameras unless it.

I will need to try out the Eufy Security beta to see if that resolves my issue… hopefully it will. Been having this issue since I got them about half a year ago.

I had the same problem I cannot view cameras from outside my wifi, I asked support but they didn’t help me.
They say to open much port on router, but I cannot open port on router on much more than one cameras, so it’s very frustrating

My 2 cents, hoping it helps for those with a similar setup as mine:

I have an iPhone 12 and run a dual sim (1 e-sim, 1 sim card). I could only open Eufy’s video stream via the mobile data of the sim card and not via the mobile data of the e-sim.

Tried a lot of different settings and nothing helped.
TIL that turning off the sim card line enables me to connect to the video stream using mobile data from my e-sim.

Not really a fix, but hope it helps.

I do think this is an issue caused (and therefore fixable) by Eufy, since I have 0 connectivity issues via mobile data from my e-sim and I use a lot of domotica solutions that I call/use via mobile data.
Also, Eufy throws an error stating that I’m not connected to the internet, which is false since I have an active internet connection in those cases.

not really motivated to push a ticket at Eufy reading above how they (not) (re)act on former tickets of this nature. However, if we don’t keep reporting, nothing will happen for sure, so I’ll report it soon.
If they react with new/useful info for this topic, I’ll post it here.

Again, hope it helps some users :wink:

Homebase 2 + eufycam 2 pro

I am having issues connecting to the homebase via ios app. I get the error unable to connect to homebase (-2) . Cameras are at my home in another country, fully updated , full battery and also connected to eufy solar panels. I am receiving notifications that someone has been spotted but when i open the eufy ios app to see recordings or to live view i get the error mentioned above. I had tried to restart the homebase several times, uninstall and install the ios app but the same problem.

Sometimes it works to connect via mobile data but not on my home wifi.

I had also tried to disable the firewall both at the home network were homebase is connected via ethernet cable, and also disabled the firewall on the network i am now and wish to connect.

When i use eufy website to see the cameras over there it works, but not on the mobile phone. I had also tried on diffeRent phones, still not working.

Please help !!!

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max which has an EE e-sim and Vodafone physical sim. I can connect to my eufy system via the app when on any wifi network but I can’t connect to the cameras when not on wifi (e.g. 3G/4G). I have some eufycam 2 pro’s on my system and up until recently I didn’t have this issue and it worked completely normally.

I have worked out that if I go to settings - mobile data -
select the Vodafone data plan (the one on the physical sim) and select the “turn on this line” to off. I can then access my cameras on the eufy app when not on wifi so it all works.

If I turn off the EE e-sim line instead, this does not solve the issue!!

This must be related to a software issue with the eufy app/system as it all worked before.

What can I do for a permanent fix??