Eufy Wired Doorbell and Homebase compatibility

Just installed the Eufy wired doorbell, I would like to get the Eufy Security 2C Cameras with the homebase. Any idea if the doorbell will be compatible with the homebase and if so, when?


Nothing that I have seen points to this yet…

Hey @electriceye

The good news is the eufy Wired Video Doorbell will be able to add to the Homebase very soon.

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@AnkerSupport please clarify… Wired doorbell going to be integrated to the original Homebase? or the homebase 2??

They probably mean “Homebase”. It’s already compatible with Homebase 2.

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@AnkerSupport This is great news now my memory is freed up my home base by using iCloud and HomeKit…

Hey @Ice4,

The Wired doorbell is going to be integrated into the original Homebase and Homebase 2 :slight_smile:

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That’s a great news @AnkerSupport, another reason to buy one… as soon as they are available in Canada… Now with travel ban, I cannot get them from South any more :smirk: