Eufy wireless doorbell battery life

So I pulled the trigger bought myself a new doorbell.

But I was amazed how much % was used after just one day. I had a 100% charge and it’s day 3 now and down to 61%. This is not acceptable the doorbell should last 180 days… I know this will be less but actually draining more than 18% a day is not good.

Is my unit faulty or am I doing something wrong I got all the standard settings. Didn’t change anything else except the motion area.

How many events do you have a day, how much do you look at live view, and how much do you talk through your doorbell? These all affect battery life dramatically, and could be why you have this issue.

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In total of 4 days I had 18 which included me hanging up the doorbell and doing a few tests. Live view I used 8 times. Never talked through the bell yet.

What are your power manager settings like? Is it on Optimal Battery Life selection? Anything other than that will have continuous PIR turned on I suspect and by drain it faster. I have the same model, but mine I had it hard wired to the existing doorbell thus its trickled charged with the 22VAC from the mechanical doorbell.
You can save yourself some hassle and have it powered with a cheap $14 24VAC adapter, just my 2cents

Thank you for reaching out. @vaniersel

Yes, please check the power manager detail first and also the recording setting to see if the camera has been recording for long hours.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.