Eufycam 2 firmware update problem


I’ve installed my eufy 2. It’s working fine so far. But I’m not able to update the cameras firmware. It’s allways telling me that there is a new update (4.6.6) and when I press install, it’s saying that it’s doing the update. But after a few minutes it’s „done“ and nothing happened and it’s still on the old firmware.

Am I doing it wrong? Any tips? My Base station updated easily.

Thanks for your help


Send it back to seller and get a refund. Seriously.

It’s been a common problem in the past few weeks with defective cameras. EUFY are aware and have stated there is no fix at present. You will probably find that your cameras are not going into nightmode automatically either. so when you click on live view at night it will remain dark until you manually switch it.
Another issue with these problem cameras

one of many threads discussing the fault on here…

When and where did you buy from out of interest?

Trying to dechiper whether EUFY has pulled all these problem cameras from their own stock that they sell directly yet - although I highly doubt it, given the absolute muppetery demonstrated by them so far.

Yes I’m experiencing the same issues with night view. I thought I must have been doing something wrong but it seems to be a common problem.

I am having same issues. I have 18 cameras at three location and was going craze. Update all then week later I checked and time I need an update.

Really need fix and way to update setting for all cameras from home base.

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I have had to send my pro 2 camera set back which I bought just before Xmas. Support said on the 31st Dec that support was working day n night for a solution and should be available in 7 to 14days. It is now virtually the end of that period and no sign of correction or acknowledgement to others. I suspect a large number of people may think they are working fine unaware that the night vision is not switching on.

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Yep, I am intriquiged as to whether EUFY are still selling and sending out these problem cameras when buying from them directly, Knowing they have issues. They clearly havent done a product recall from retailers.

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This looks like another case of the useless support offered by Eufy that is non existent they are full of promises but in reality they do nothing and still have the cheek to spam existing customers about their new products yet leaving us in the air waiting for the promised fix. If Eufy did more to rectify customers complaints then we would be interested in new products and as it stands I would not spend another penny on Eufy stuff and I am so sorry I invested a lot of money on good security system when it worked only for Eufy to break it with a bad firmware 28/09/2021 update.

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