Eufycam 2c not charging

Our eufycam 2C has been plugged into the charger for at least 6 hours and it’s still only showing half battery. Also the app only shows the animated charging icon for a little while, and then it stops, even though the solid blue light is on the camera the whole time. Any ideas?

Try unplugging and doing a couple of live views to load the battery. I’ve noticed lately that the battery percentage lags when charging. All batteries read different after they rest for a while, but now I usually just charge for a couple of hours and check status after 15-20 minutes and it almost always shows higher than when charging.

Edit: I had occassion to charge one of my 2C cams today and started at 35%. It stayed at 35% for almost 3 hours. At that point, I unplugged the charger and did a couple of live views. The charge percentage jumped to 66%. I gave it another 90 minutes and it still stayed at 66%. Before I disconnected it, I checked with my phone and it showed 93%.

Looks like one of their updates has stopped the app from reporting charge percentage. It only changes if you close and re-open the app or disconnect the charger and wait a while.

Eufy coders are going from bad to worse. They can’t fix problems or add new features without causing other issues. Looks like they don’t have any test scripts to check existing functionality before rolling out new releases. Pretty sad.

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You’re right there…
Same thing with my doorbell camera. When I’m charging it I need to close the app and also remove it from recents then open it to see that the battery percentage has increased.