Eufycam & Alexa - switch modes

I can switch between “Activated (at home)”, “Deactivated”, “Schedule” and “Away”.
Problem with the Alexa skill.
If I want to switch from “Activated (at home)” to “Away”, I need to deactivate the System before.
Mode is in “at home”

  • Alexa deactivate cameras
    after that
  • Alexa set cameras to away mode

Otherwise Alexa tells me that I can’t switch to another mode because the cameras are active.

Please fix this so that Alexa can change from one mode to the other without deactivating them first.

Are you able to arm and disarm via Alexa? I can only disarm via Alexa but with a PIN number

Yes, both and switching modes.

Have you just linked the Eufy Security skill? How did you setup to arm?

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Just linked the skill and:
Alexa, aktiviere Kameras
(Alexa activate cameras)

I know it’s German :smile:
I re-named the Homebase in the Alexa App into „Kameras“. Depends how you named your Homebase. That’s all!
Problem: when I say „activate cameras“ in goes into the mode „at Home“ :joy:
I need to deactivate and then
Alexa, set camera into away mode (in German: Alexa, setzte Kameras in den Abweisenheitsmodus)

Could you please share the alexa command you re using to set it to Schedule mode?

Hmm…never used this mode. Sorry!