EufyCam Clips Only Record for 5 seconds after adding an Add-On 2 Pro Cam

I’ve had the 2C cam kit and home Base 2 for a month now and it has been working great, however, yesterday I purchased the new 2 Pro Add-on Cam and now across all my cameras the clips for motion are no longer than 5 seconds. The motion sensitive is 7 on all the cameras and I have them on custom recording to maximize clip length since I have them plugged into power directly.

Any advice or help?

It’s only a query,but if you revert it back to optimum recording and not custom do you still get 5 seconds?

Yep unfortunately

Just to confirm this happens on the cams actually detecting motion and not a cam that’s recording because it’s a “linked recording” through automation, correct?

@Haadsecure Yes that is correct when it detects motion the Eufy app only records max 5 second clips to the basestation.

I’ve had pretty much same issue from day 1 but would record for 7 seconds, have also been running custom recording to overcome this issue

Come to think of it since day 1 I have been on custom, 120s, 5 sec refresh, ok to end early. That may have been why this one hasn’t bitten me, though sometimes it still tends to err towards ending early… except when it doesn’t.

Are you linked to homekit or google assistant or Alexa? (Don’t need to know which one just asking)

As I have noticed in my tinkering with Apple HomeKit it put all my LED status light on my cameras, changed my recording to optimum recording when I have some on battery saving mode. So just wondering if this could be involved.