Eufycam2 Pro night vision not switching on

I bought 3x eufycam2 Pro cameras with homebase2 . The cameras are set to automatically change to night vision. However this does not happen and all I get is a black screen . So the cameras don’t work at night. Is there a way to solve this? I found some people talking about the same issue online in April/may 2021 . They apparently emailed eufy support and got sent a firmware update. So I spent an hour in queue to eufy chat only to be told that there isn’t any update in these circumstances? I was told to wait till February 2022 , when I might be able to get an update? The guy wasn’t really helpful, just repeated that there is nothing I can do about it at the moment. Can someone who had the same issue and resolved it please help me before I send the cameras back to Not sure how / why eufy are selling cameras knowing there is an issue with them and they don’t work at night. Thank you for any help in advance

I had the same problem and had to return mine. But I believe there is a software update available to some which may fix the issue. I’m waiting to hear what people say and then potentially re order them again if it is fixed.

Just complain in an email to eufy support and they will push the update 4.6.8 to your cameras in a few days. You need to specify the serial numbers in your email. The update will surely solve the auto night vision issue. It worked perfectly for me.