Events not getting recorded

I installed my battery doorbell 3 weeks ago and everything worked perfect, it recorded everything motion detection was great. Since 2 weeks it started to filter alot of events as “false” eg me leaving house or when i return and i am in my driveway i see my night vision light up but it doesnt record anything. I thought it was just me because every other event was recorded eg mailman or other family members getting in or out. But since 2 days i have got parcels in night time and there was no event detection for them. An hour ago my father in law came to our house and no motion detected, its 2 pm with good visibilty. Anyone else having this problem?

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I believe that I’m having a similar problem, just notice that events are not recorded at night time. I only noticed this as an incident happened in the middle of the night. And hope to have a recording of the incident but nothing at all was recorded during the whole night. And now notice that many previous nights were not recorded. I am looking at the setting if there is something I missed. But found nothing that could prevent recording at night. My doorbell camera is at the apartment front door facing the hallway, lift and stairs, and with lighting always on.

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Its really weird because when i got the camera outside temp was -12 to -15 in nights and it worked absolutely fine. It detected motion from 3 meter away where my main door is. Now one has to come very close to camera for it to trigger a motion detection. Went out and tried and i had to stand atleast 10,20 seconds infront of the camera for it to detect and send notification. Its frustrating as i got this doorbell after looking into many other brands and finally settled for this but now it started tripping. Will contact eufy support and see what they have to say about this. About setting i have sensitivity on 50% and i had motion detection area which i removed now. So will see if that helps.

Same issue fine at first now not rec

I am having th3 same issues. It’s not detecting movements and not recording. Is anyone working on it to get if fixed? Does these comments get moderated?

I mean they should moderate it but i cant be sure because am new to the platform. I have sent them email and waiting for their response. Meanwhile i removed the detection area that i had before and i increased the sensitivity to 75%. It has worked for atleast whole day today i had alot of movement and it recorded each and everything as it did 3 weeks before when i got the doorbell. So try and see if that works for you

Got the same issue… doesn’t record hardly any/no movements anymore during day light after it worked fine for the first 5 days after I installed it 2 weeks ago, but it does captures all movements when it’s getting dark outside and during the night. Also, only a 2 sec record when somebody is ringing the doorbell or the few records it made during daylight, jumps time when playing back (a 40 sec clip recorded shows only half of it when playing back in app or after download). Contacted Eufy Support and raised a ticket. Don’t count on them that they come with a solution or anything. At first they came/would answer within 2 days, well they did, only saying that it needed further investigation and noted me that I could contact the seller if I don’t have the patience to wait for a solution. What frustrates me, they act like I’m the only one with this issue, but if you scroll through this community/forum, you will see that you are number xxx dealing with the same issue where there is no solution to it yet. Me wondering if we/all doorbells have received an update last week or so (screwing up this thing), but even that they can’t tell… I’m about to return the doorbell and base back to the seller, as Eufy support can’t tell anything about it neither anyone here came with a real permanent solution (tried changing settings in every way what suggested here, reset the whole thing back to factory settings, reset routers/in home wifi and more). Fact, my neighbour next door has the exact same unit, but have not the issues we experience. So to me it’s either we have received a faulty batch (throughout the world) or it was a software update, I would suggest…

I am also having the same issue. A package was delivered this morning and there was no event recorded for it. I’ve been having this issue here and there for the last week or so.

The last time this worked for me was 31 October. Everyone was having the same issue.

I think its an update issue because as you said, many people are experiencing the same problem and i dont see/know if eufy is doing anything about it. For me since yesterday it has been responsive but it still missed one event where one of my package was delivered. Caught the other one but only when the courier rang the bell and it still missed the ringing part(3,4 seconds delay). I think its the waking up for the doorbell as it takes pretty long to wake up when there’s movement. And another thing is i have set 30 sec recording time for it but it still records different eg sometimes 10 sec sometimes 15 when the person/object is still in the detection area.

Me too. It’s pretty crap.

Having issues with multiple locks and the door Bell doesn’t ring. Overall not a great brand.

Is anything being done about this? Eufy?

We installed our yesterday and the recording is completely hit and miss.
This morning it was capturing each and every person that walked past or got close to my car (which is why I bought it), this afternoon it has failed to capture any movements.
So disappointed with this product. Eufy came highly recommended to me too.


The thing is I’m just going to keep returning until it works as it should, if it’s a firmware issue Eufy need to acknowledge


So, I returned my homebase and doorbell to the seller and ordered the same unit again at the same time (I have not given up on Eufy yet as I do like the products they have - if it works as it suppose to). Guess what, all the issues I had with the ‘first unit’ are gone and until now the ‘new unit’ works perfect! No problems with the motion detection during day time anymore (in fact, the number of detection and push notifications is driving me mad comparing with the first unit that almost didn’t detect anything during daytime, but I can change the setting), when someone is ringing the doorbell it records the whole event to answering or open the door in stead of recording only the/cut of the recording after first 2 sec and my problem with jumping time in recordings on playback is gone… Also the sound of the doorbell when talking to someone at the door from my phone is way better than before. I guess/hope that my initial unit/package was a faulty unit and the unit I have now will continue to work as it does now as it suppose to work and what I,ve expected. It looks like there is a faulty batch in distribution. For your reference: I’m from the Netherlands.


Installed new battery home base 2k doorbell. Battery draining in under 24 hours after full charge. Not recording or notifying me of any events. High motion area. Called tech support told to return.

I’m having the exact same problems.
EUFY replied to me and suggested altering different settings which I have done.
It works some of the time but then misses lots of events too.
Yesterday it was recording a few seconds when the doorbell rang. Today it did not record anything at all when doorbell rang. Very frustrating as so hit and miss.
I’ve emailed EUFY again with serial number and some screenshot.
So very disappointed.

They should send you a replacement, mine is on its way, they are good in that respect just hope the replacement works

Faulty device is a freak and it can happen sometimes but Like you said their products are good is the reason why i dint gave up on mine aswel. First, i removed the detection zone totally and put 50% motion sensitivity and set it to All motion. It has been working as it should since that day and has not missed anything. I have never had any problems with 2 way audio etc so cant judge there. And tbh the video quality is the best i have seen so far on doorbells. I have had 630 detected events and 210 recorded, Battery is still at 72% since i charged it the first time. I would say thats a good result tbh. The recording time do varies sometimes though. And i am from Norway

I have same problem at night and there is always movement on this road. What could it be. Thanx