Explore the Features of Video Doorbell Dual(Wired)

Before setting up Video Doorbell Dual, it is necessary to run the voltage test to make sure everything’s working properly. Improper voltage may lead to Video Doorbell going offline or restarting. If your current transformer doesn’t match to the device, please change your transformer to the one with 16-24V, 30VA.

Check if you have the latest versions of the eufy Security app and Video Doorbell Dual firmware.

Latest App Version

iOS: v4.2.4

Android: v4.2.4

Latest Firmware Version

Doorbell v2.0.5.0

See the Full Picture with Dual Cameras

While Video Doorbell Dual’s Front View Camera focuses on the courier, the Porch View Camera detects your package. Secure your home with the entire view of your entryway.

Check Events at a Glance with the eufy Security App

Video Doorbell Dual can automatically categorize events for you to review. Use the eufy Security app to scan through the entire day and glance at the most important events with Security Report. To check, open the sidebar menu, then go to Lab Feature > Security Report.

Protect Your Packages with Delivery Guard™

Video Doorbell Dual’s exclusive Delivery Guard™ instantly notifies you when your package arrives and sends you pick-up reminders, so it’s never abandoned. Plus, you’ll get alerts when anyone approaches your package, letting you choose how to handle the situation—your voice or an automatic response.

Delivery Guard™ is still undergoing beta testing. So if you see something that should be working better, let us know. We want to improve the AI, and we’ll use your data to make that happen.

Receive Prompt Customer Service

Receive priority, friendly customer support with your purchase of Video Doorbell Dual. Reach out to support@eufylife.com for any any help. We’ll respond to any questions as soon as possible and within 24 hours.