False rings without motion detected

I’ve only had my Eufy doorbell a couple months. I have the wireless version. I keep getting false ring notifications when no one has rung the door and there was no motion. It’s been day and night, hot and cold out, so those aren’t triggering it. What’s going on and how do I solve it?


This has happened to me too! Came on here to check if anyone else mentioned it.
Interested if anyone knows why!

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same issue . haplened 4 times since mid april. is this to do with the update?

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My camera thinks bird feeder is a person or that my wife is a pet when she walks to the kitchen at night lmao​:joy::joy::joy:


Which doorbell do you folks have? Name, model number. Using HomeBase, wireless chime?
Just interested if they are the same or not.

T8520 Doorbell

I have T8210 doorbell and homebase 2. human detection only and detection zone. Since last week I have the same problem. This must be an AI problem. This night at 3AM my homebase, eufy doorbellen and old bell in the kitchen rang without anyone present. We were brutally weken. It s the second time this happens. I mailed to eufy and hope for an update. If this keeps on happening I Will reinstall the mechanica old doorbell. The detection isn’t that accurate either. Up till now it didn’t really matter that we got too few or too many notifications, but this is a serieus flaw in my opinion.

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I have the T8222 battery powered doorbell with plug-in wireless chime and I’m not experiencing these phantom doorbell rings…
I did read somewhere on this forum that where a power surge from the Bell transformer or something like that that would / could cause this, but this would only cause the mechanical chime to activate. This doesn’t sound like your issue though because you’re getting alerted from all three sources. Mechanical chime, HomeBase and eufy chime that the physical Bell button has been rung and no recorded motion at all… Sounds like a firmware quirk eufy needs to correct.

Solve it by replacing with anything but eufy brand

Same problem over here, doorbell rings and last night at 1:30 AM :scream:
Model: Eufy video doorbell 2K

I think the last firmware update isn’t so good


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I have the same issue! Its driving me mad.
At least 2/3 times a day i get false rings. Its not even recording an event since nobody is there.
This is really pissing me off!

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Same here. Happened twice. Doorbell is on battery with home base 2.

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im on battery 2k doorbell and homebase2. it just rang again while im in shower. it the 8th time since april

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anyone from eufy here can give an update pls

Same here, I have had the wireless doorbell for around 6 months now but just recently the indoor chime goes off, I get a notification but no one is there. This morning it went off at 5:10am - not happy. Just recommended eufy to a family member, might advise them to send their doorbell back. I tried a re-sync and solved the problem for around 3 weeks.

I’ve been having random rings for approximately a month now. The only good thing is that it hasn’t happened when I’ve been in bed as this would freak me out!

2k battery doorbell (but hardwired it) user. I brought up a “ghost”/“phantom” chime issue on the forum a while ago, but didn’t get much of a response. I’ve had the issue where the mechanical chime goes off randomly (often in the middle of the night), but the Homebase chime does not, and no event is recorded in the app. Recently, however, I’ve heard both the mechanical chime AND the Homebase chime go off randomly, and a ring event/notification being triggered (with nobody at the door).

Would love for Eufy to get on this…