Family device sharing invitation won't come on app

Anyone else have this problem?

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Me also, I received the email notification for invitation of share device but not available to installed app to approve or accept it.
Please help about this issue
Thank you

Eufy uses the email address from the invitation as an account link. You must use that same email address as the username of your Eufy account. If you don’t set the account up that way, Eufy doesn’t know what account to link to the master account that created the invitation.

Once you have the account set up under the invitation email address, you should get a popup in the app confirming that you have been asked to share devices with the master account. You must confirm that popup in order to link the account. Now, log out of the new account and then back in. Once you log in after getting the confirmation popup, you should see the devices that are being shared from the master account.

Note: You should also get a verification code at the email address where you received the invitation. If you don’t get the verification code, look in your spam folder. You need to click on a link in the email and enter the code on the website. This is the final step in setting up a linked account.

The Master account should be able to go to Family and Guests and see a list of all the linked accounts. Once the invitation email has been sent, the status of the new linked account will show …Waiting until the setup and confirmaton is complete.

It doesn’t work. My wife revived the email for the device link coming from my account and only ask to click in apple/google link to open the app (there is no verification code in spam or other folder). After launch the app doesn’t appear related to shared devices
Of course we have double check usernames/emails linked/etc
Please we need help this one was main reason to bought your devices

If you didn’t get the verification code, then the process didn’t complete.

When you first logged into the app, did you get the confirmation popup?

Looking at Family & Guests from the master account do you see a …Waiting status for the account you are trying to set up?

At this point, I would contact support and see if they can look at their backend and tell why the process didn’t suceed.

In the last 2 months I have created 4 new accounts without any issues. I even deleted one and re-created it with different privileges. There have been a few people report issues on this board, but there doesn’t seem to be any one issue that prevents the account creation.

We didn’t have the confirmation popup. In the master account YES I can see the account waiting to accept.

I wonder if it has to do with some kind of character issue with your email address. Are there any numbers or special characters in the address you used for the new account? If your invitation email got through, then it has to be something with the process generating the confirmation popup. Maybe there’s a field somewhere that has a restrictive definition or a validation that’s preventing the confirmation popup from being generated.

I think an email to support giving them the information you used would be the best way to get this fixed. I have had much better response to technical issues when I have sent a detailed email to the support group. They can then take that information and look at the backend and hopefully see what’s causing the issue.

Thanks @pysailr but nope… there is no special characters, just letters before I wonder also its something related to provisioning process or generating linked account process. When u talk about tech support I guess it means to send and email to: