Firmware & App Version Update Records Consolidation

He means he updated the record log for what the firmware update does. Many users want to know what the updates do, so this is where the log files are consolidated

What should be your first order of business should be working on the pan and tilt firmware such that the draw the sensitive areas utility works on that because right now it’s written to work only on a static camera that doesn’t move but of course the pan until it does move so you get this comical situation where as it pans until it’s the the areas where it’s viewing in on and are changing making it worse not better and useless so please could you expand the detection areas drawing tool to work over the entire solid angle area that or volume that the pan until cam uses please?

It took a while for my Alexa show to start working, but I can now see live stream, but it is delayed by 30 seconds, so not really any use. Can this be fixed to be a t4ue live stream?


I have new Eufys and already they are not working with my Alexa 10.

Please add the latest updates !