Firmware Update Records - Battery Doorbell T8210

Is it the T8210?

Yes T8210.

Got it as well. You’re correct about the version mismatch. The text I see in the app is the same as in this topic.

Where’s the wired doorbell love? Lol

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My Home Base 2 just updated to Text in the app reads:

  1. Solve the issue that the Homebase2 needs to be powered off and restarted to rebind after reset.
  2. Solve the issue that motion frequently triggered may lead to occasionally no recording.
  3. Solve the issue that it still records and push when triggered by motion in Human Only mode during the day.

The battery DB also updated to 2,2,1,5, with the app providing the rather generic:

  1. Optimized system stability and fixed some bugs

In case you missed it, my dear Hawkster:

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Thank you! I’ve been pretty busy lately so I appreciate you letting me know. :grinning:

I just got, but there’s no registration about it here.

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Mine shows still and doesn’t show if there is a new version available for me.

No update here yet in UK

As of this morning I am no longer getting any announcements on my echo speakers. Doorbell was updated to last night so looks like this update has broken something with the Alexa link.

Just to confirm that the announcements on echo speakers suddenly started working again this morning so the issue didn’t appear to be caused by the firmware update…just a coincidence in terms of timing.

Same, I got but no update here?

On my app systems tab it says “optimised system stability and fixed some bugs”

It is on App update

I’m not an Alexa guy (Google Home instead) so I’d like to know what these “announcements” are on Alexa echo devices and what are the capabilities. Thanks.

What does it mean “it is on app update”??

I’m not an Alexa guy either (my house was all Google as well) but…I did purchase a few Echo Flex devices (small and kept out of the way) just for the purpose of acting as doorbell chimes. Unfortunately that isn’t available yet with google speakers or displays but if/when it is, the Echo devices will be gone.

It does work really well and you can even select Christmas tunes as the chime on the Echo speakers when the door bell is pressed.

When can we expect the support for HomeKit?
I hope soon.

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This thread needs a bit of an update. My T8210 battery doorbell (UK) is now on version, and the HomeBase is on version

When is will there be a firmware update so that de doorbell is working stable what i paid for ??