Firmware Update Records - Wired Doorbell

2020.12.16, v2.333

  1. Support Festive Doorbell Ringtones.

2020.07.30, v2.325
1.Optimize adb connection in production test mode
2. Fix the crash that may be caused by sn exception in production test mode.

2020.06.17, v2.322
Based on 2.317, revise the history video related retransmission strategy, 1min, 2min, 4min…maximum 30 minutes.

2020.03.30, v2.317
1、Optimized non-detection issues in some cases on all motion level.
2、Optimized system stability and fixed some bugs.

v2.328 is available now.

Nice! I wonder what the updates are.

Oh, realizing now that the 2k 32gb pro is on firmware v6.214, so the 2 devices must not track in firmware values.

Probably not RTSP support that’s for sure. :rofl:

Yeah, when is RTSP support coming? It’s already been so long.

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