Floodlight 2K connection and video storage issues

So I’ve had the floodlight 2K hooked up for about a month. I’m already having issues connecting to live view, which only seems to resolve after a reboot. On top of that, I’ve had issues watching recordings that JUST SHOWED A NOTIFICATION coming up as having been deleted or removed… I’m assuming the 2nd issue is a storage space issue… Any way to resolve it though? Anyone else ha int similar problems?

I can’t upgrade the internal SD card right? And no way to change how often it auto-deletes saved clips.

Maybe its another user on your system that is deleting videos. Ive had that proplem. Not managed to fill up the storage yet to see how it handles it. I assume it will delete the oldest video? The storage is not upgradable, I assume they use expensive 1bit SSD storage to run a 10sec prerecord.24x7x365. Thankfully the video files are small.

Not really a big help but you can occasionally check the local storage currently in use and manually empty it if you see you are running out of space.