Floodlight camera connection to Home Base 2 - when?

When will the floodlights camera be able to connect to the Home Base 2 - All comments I see from Eufy are it will be soon but they have been saying that for over 6 months?

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Do you mean that the floodlight cannot be integrated into the hub, and it’s acting totally standalone? It cannot be used in the alarm scenes, triggering, etc?

@and157 Unfortunately, it’s a standalone unit. Similar to the Eufy indoor cameras. Supposedly, they’re going to make them compatible to their homebases at some point, but don’t hold your breath. Like I’ve mentioned it to some others in here…never buy a product on future promises. Buy it for what it can do right now.

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I totally agree. That’s why I was asking. I would really consider Eufy, but these kind of strange things are difficult to digest, as it does suggest a non coherent development of a roadmap. I’ll continue to read these helpful pages for now, thanks!

@and157 At times I think Eufy tries to get things into the market without considering that roadmap, lol. I guess they figure they’ll adjust throughout the year.

With that being said, I have invested lots of money in their products. I believe they can get much better, but I am happy with what their cameras and sensors already do. I have ADT for my home monitoring system (inside), but wanted a deterrent (outside) along with knowing what was going around my house…especially during COVID while I was at work and my kids were at home. For over 6 months they’ve done their job and I have went from a few cameras to covering everything around my home and property.

My only gripe with what they already have…meaning if they didn’t make one improvement…is to have a consistent app. One update everything is great. The next, the videos response time may not be up to par or the videos begin to lag/choppy/cut off, etc. Fortunately, the hardware is good and the videos on another device (which was not updated) work perfectly. So I’m now very hesitant in updating their app because of their inconsistency.

I agree with your first comment. I wish all their devices communicated. It’s almost like they were created by different teams or software programs. In the meantime, each one is it’s own unit. Hopefully, someday they’ll all be able to work together in a seamless ecosystem.

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Agreed again, it really comes to the specific use case. I currently have an Arlo setup, but I’m going through a major rebuilding, so I’m still checking what’s new out there. But for me, it has to replace an alarm system. So I was incredibly interested in this one, which seems a competitor of the Ring alarm system… heavily camera oriented, but with physical keypad, motion and contact sensors, floodlight, and smart home integration.
Everything seems great!
But devil’s in the details, and this is what I found out so far that Ring has and Eufy doesn’t:

  • sensor tamper protection (quite basic feature in an alarm system)
  • sensor surveillance (again, every crappy alarm does check sensors responsiveness)
  • Range extenders (cannot use two Homebase since they act as different systems)
  • device integration (indoor and floodlight are standalone - unbelievable)
  • no backup connection through 3/4G sim

I love the AI detection, but I would mostly use at night, where it does not work, so shame.
Probably the perfect system for me still does not exist, but at least this one is promising… but not yet! Which is a pity, as it’s really close to be a great system! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

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@and157 You have done your research well and pretty much hit the nail on the head with all your remarks. At this point, I believe their system is primarily for independent home monitoring (vs paid professional). Although I agree they should have several of your suggestions already in place (the best they have is their anti-theft feature on some of their cameras).

I’m not sure if in the future Eufy will go down the professional monitoring road…although they have done a questionnaire where they asked for this feedback. But it seemed like they’d go through a third party to accomplish it.

I guess in my perspective I wanted something where I can self monitor and for visual and obvious deterrents. I also didn’t want everything all in one unit or company. Almost like a safety net (checks and balances). If I miss something, the system fails, or if an intruder continues to break-in…I know that my ADT system will be there if the first line of defense fails (which it shouldn’t, lol). Plus, I’m hoping to get warnings, alerts, documentation, etc. to help in the process of alerting the police.

Eufy’s cameras are affordable, have no service fees, unlike Ring, Arlo, Nest…and now Wyze. These were a couple of main factors for me in determining to invest in their systems. Although, I’m realistic enough to know technology will get better. I’m hoping these units will last at least 5 years before having to reinvest again with the newest and coolest tech.

However, just like any other product, to each their own. Although it is a pleasure to discuss home security cameras (system) with someone who is trying to be diligent in their research, than the person who expects a perfect system for little to no cost, lol. If you have any additional questions from an actual Eufy user, I’d be willing to help as much as I can.

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There is quite a list of wishes for connecting the floodlight with the Hom Base 2. The only thing I would like to have on short notice is to integrate the Floodlight en Home Base 2 to leave the house with 1 button. And i would prefer to have the floodlight under the Home base, just like the doorbell is under the Home Base.

Can someone inform me when that would be on the release agenda?

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Or ist there a third party app which could connect the eufy products? IFFT, Alexa are still not integrated to manage that…would be nice to have a workaround till eufy make it happen

Any updates on this problem?

Bump - any further updates please, Eufy?

I have the floodlight camera, wireless doorbell, and the alarm system with several sensors. I had hoped to use the automation for the floodlight cam siren to sound along with the main alarm (and vice versa).