Floodlight camera connection to Home Base 2 - when?

I agree with you

I too, made a purchase based on the promise that the flood light cameras would be able to store video to the home base. Over a year now, nothing! Someone can remove a flood light camera and then you have no video of the event! I find this behavior from eufy very off putting. They say they want to help, but they don’t make good on their word. If the home base 3 is to be the answer to this problem, then it should be compatible with all cameras that came before it. It should also be offered at a discount to anyone that has a home base 2.

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Hi Mengdi

Thanks for the update.

Can you tell me when the next generation HomeBase will be avaialble?

How will we beable to purchase HomeBase3 on its own as at the moment you cant buy a Homebase2 on its own?

We all await your reply from PM as you only seem to beable to contact PM and get a reply.

@Mengdi any updates to the questions I raised?

Eufy launch a new 2K floodlight camera without the capability of connecting to the Homebase .

We have been waiting for over a year for the old floodlight camera to beable to store information on the Homebase and they still have not done it and now they release a 2K version that has the same problem.

When will it happen - i’m starting to loose confidence in what Efuy are doing and saying.

Can you give us updates please

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@Mengdi Mengdi any updates to the questions I have raised?

Great, a new Homebase. Nothing like alienating your existing user base. Hoping for some brand loyalty and upgrades? I doubt it, most will take on board all the false promises and invest in a robust system which has a joined up ecosystem. Something which actually is “smart” and embraces comprehensive interactivity with other brands, through routines and IFTTT.

Eufy sits in a sandboxed bubble where its own device don’t work with each other. Tirelessly churning out half-baked product, which show no lessons learnt from previous products.

Being cheap only gets you so far.

Now a new Homebase on the horizon. Yet no sign of the promised USB storage? No ability to adjust sensitivity of Night vision on doorbells. Talk about exhausting possibilities before rattling out another cash cow.

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What also sucks is that eufy sells products in my country, but its range is usually one year behind the US.
Our eufy cam 2 range is home base one with cam 2s. I dont know why (but product codes confirm this)
Basically when products are finally on sale, we can see there is already a new version out.
We have none of the 2k cameras.
It’s infuriating that the company doesnt supply everyone equally.
The floodlight camera just became available, and no i learnt that theres a new one about to be announced. Add to that we dont get the option of cloud storage.
And we still cant connect to the home base. If theres no connection to homebase 2 i bet theres even less chance for homebase 1!!!


The comment of the admin is very strange.
When we look at the product sheet of the new Floodlight 2K, the picture represents all the products connected to the Homebase 2. Even the Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt.

Marketing is deceptive or next updated?

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That just means they are in the same app not that there’s any compatibility between devices :rofl:
They have a collection of devices not a system


Mengdi any updates to the questions I have raised?

Arf :smirk:

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Update to this please? Bought my floodlight cam on the basis it will connect to my homebase 2 and still no update.

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