Floodlight RTSP

Would like to see RTSP/NAS support for floodlight. It is one of the few eufy cams that are truly powered all the time and would make sense to have RTSP support.


Yes I transitioned from the Arlo system to Eufycam because it supported RTSP and can work with Synology. However, I just realized that the floodlight does NOT support this. Could this feature be supported on new firmware releases?

I too would love to get the rtsp feature in the floodlight so that I can save the stream using Blue Iris. Please enable this feature.

I would also really like rtsp on my Eufy floodlight cam. It would give me a much quicker way to view the camera when someone appears at the front of the house

Does Eufy look at these posts, or is there a better place to submit feature requests?

Eufy if you are listening, please enable RTSP for the floodlights! :crazy_face:

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Also here to add my request for RTSP as well

I would also really like to see RTSP support on the Floodlight Camera - it would make the camera so much more useful