Formatting local storage on homebase 2

Hey guys. I currently gave 310 days with my eufy homebase 2 system and the internal storage is full. My cameras pick up movement but do not record events. I have deleted the storage and the homebase still says to format your local storage. When I hit the format button it states it failed to format restart homebase I have been without events for 5 days now. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Did you try customer support? I’ve called them several times in the last couple of weeks before I bought my eufy cam 2 pro camera system with the home base 2 it is refurbished but that’s what I decided will work for me and I did have one camera that was difficult to upgrade the firmware but after trying several times including turning off and restarting the home base 2 it finally worked. I’m just saying sometimes you have to try it several times in order for something to finally work but it sounds like you’re doing the right things just keep trying. Hopefully you get it fixed soon let us know.