Full Resolution RTSP Stream from Indoor Cam 2K

It would be great if the RTSP stream from the Indoor Cam 2K and the Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt utilized the full 2304x1296 resolution rather than being down scaled to 1080p,
If 1080p is the max resolution possible over the RTSP protocol, then less compression would be a big help as the current stream looks pretty bad.

Also I would love to see a low resolution substream offered.

I do want to complement eufy on knocking audio out of the park. The microphone on the 2K indoor camera produces the best audio I’ve heard from any camera at this price point or even well above.



This 1000%.

I was kind of suprised and disappointed to see the stream was only 1080 and of lower clarity then the mobile version. Some higher bitrates would be real nice for us folks that have the option to use a external server. Let me decide how fast i want to fill my disk. A low bit-rate substream would help in a bunch of scenarios to.

The RTSP protocol maxes out at 1080P. You’d need to switch to ONVIF or something for more.

The 1080P artifacting is pretty bad though. Should be better!

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The question is can the camera be updates to support onvif. Preferably if that is the only option to get full resolution then it qould be the prefered method for external nas software connectivity.


Yeah, the bit rate is too low for the rtsp stream, the clarity is severely affected


Yes, request that ONVIF support be added to all 2K cams so that full 2K resolution can be sent to NAS devices.

Do you have an example video?

We were very disappointed to cancel all 12 of our wireless cams and our 6 indoor cams on the subscription service when the resolution auto downgraded to 1080p. Something with the protocol itself having that limitation. Super not happy with that at all.

Hello, I received an answer from the german eufy support. They are stating, that the low resolution in RTSP stream is due to the NAS and therefore this won’t change in the near future. Can anyone confirm this? I still think the lower resolution is coming from the camera.