Geofencing location settings not logical

All cameras/homebases associated with an account can and should be associated to a location. As the camera is at a fixed spot, the association to a location identifies the cameras geo position.

So far so good.

However, when you set up the very good Geofencing feature present for some cameras (but not others… Like the new Solo cameras - - - > why???), you have to individually identify camera locations again. Of course, you would typically choose the same location, where the camera is… Well… located. This is redundant and confusing.

Geofencing should be available per location, not per camera/homebase. Why? Well, in multi camera installations, you check Geofencing u dividually per camera in the same location, creating an avalanche of notifications, delays, inaccuracies and much higher battery drain.

You could argue that you can leave the narrow/wide border feature available per camera, so as to switch security modes for some cameras from HOME to AWAY differently, depending whether you just went to see the neighbor or left for the day… But I’m not even sure, that’s really useful. What I’m pretty sure is not useful is the location redundancy for fixed cameras.