Geofencing plus time based security settings

Combination of home/away and time based security setting. Or better geofencing plus timebased.
When I am at Home at day I want the cams off but in the night they should record without the need to change it manually.

Regard Juergen


Same wish here !!
Thanks for your consideration


I would like to be able to set a schedule, but have this overridden when I leave home. i.e. Schedule says all cameras off during the day and on at night. However, if I leave home during the day, the cameras will switch on until I return. I’m sure there was a similar post about this before, but I can’t find it now


Was just about putting something on the wishlist too. Let geofencing overrule everything but when at home go back to the schedule made by the user.


Thank you for your good suggestion. Since the combination of Geofencing and Schedule will affect the basic recording logic of the camera, we are still finetuning this function, which is expected to be supported before Q4 2020.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.


Hi Mengdi, is there any update on this? :slight_smile:

According to what I’ve checked with PM:

This function will be done in H1 next year. This year we are mainly doing optimization of Geofencing’s positioning accuracy, and the version is expected to be launched around the end of November.

Does that mean that we will have the geofencing plus scheduling option before the end of 1st quarter next year?