Geofencing with schedule


I just installed my system today and this feature is obviously needed.


Another vote for Geofencing + schedule

Day 1 of ownership and was looking for this seemingly basic requirement

+1. Proud owner of this system since a month.

To bad my battery is going low because of my Kids that er planning in te back yard.

Would be a next level future!

+1 Looking forward to this feature. There are just too many unneeded recordings, push notifications when we are at home. At the same time I want to keep the Motion detection and recordings at night.

It feels like this is the only missing feature in the product, which is great already.

For me this is also the main needed feature I am looking for. It is just too 2019 having to manually switch everytime I go to bed.

Same problem here! This is the main reason I would me precious eufy system.

Guess what, it’s Q4!

Waiting for :sweat_smile:

:raising_hand_man: I need this too.

One more vote for geofencing plus scheduled. Can’t want till it’s Q1 2021… Does anybody knows if the Eufy development team is still on track?

+1 for Geofencing. Get it added!!!

+1 for this feature

Please add this Feature as son as possible . This is a Key-Feature :sunglasses:

+1 for this feature.

Completely agree. This is a must have! +1 from me.

Very basic functionality to make this product seamless. I have seen in the post above that is was scheduled for Q4 2020 and we have only one month remaining. Hopefully this will be added very soon since, I think it impact substantially usability.

From a UI perspective this is easy. You should be able to set the mode to schedule, then add a period of time where the mode is “Geofence” (you set up the Geofence mode as normal).

Can we have it yet?

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I agree with all the comments here. This request is critical to a camera security system.

What is the new ETA? We are now at the end of Q4.


  • 1 for this

+1, wonder if in the meantime ifttt could switch modes by schedule or by location.