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Hello all! After receiving no response from Google commands yesterday I decided to disconnect Eufy in the Google Home app. After that I tried to connect back again. Unfortunately it says:

  • Eufy is connected

After a few seconds a new message shows up with:

  • Something went wrong. Please try again.

I tried everything for now, another Google Home account, another Eufy account. Nothing seems to work. Does anybody know how to fix this. I use many times the Eufy commands to Arm and Disarm the alarm. If this doesnt work for me, the whole Eufy products will be a no go for me anymore.


I’m was also getting the message “the stream from the doorbell is not available on this device” when trying to view the camera feed.

Tried to reconnect my Eufy account in Google Home and got the response that Eufy is not currently available. I’m guessing the integration is down?

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Glad in not the only one. Hope they fix it soon, I use this integration all the time…

Eufy are u gonna respond??

I have the same problem. I tried to stream my doorbell on my google nest. Not working, so I deleted from google home app my eufy devices (homebase2 and doorbell). After that I can not connect eufy security app to my google home app again. I have the same answers: “Connected. Something wrong. Try again later.”
Please help me what can I do?

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I dont know what to do either. Waiting for Eufy to support us… we need a fix!

Same here.

Same at me with a new Camera

I’ve just connected my Eufy alarm system with the Google Home app, but I only see one available function. This is streaming the camera to one of the chromecasts by voice command, but I don’t use this.

Where or how do I activate the other functions. I expected way more with the Google Assistant integration…

For example. Activating the alarm with Google assistant by voice, turning the Google Home in Away modus, so all my lights and thermostat will turned off. And if I turn the alarm off, that Google Home will turn to Home modus to do the opposite for example.

Where are this functions? Is this possible with Eufy?

Looking for same answer. Can you arm or disarm Eufy security with Google Assistant?

No not supported

I would really like to see a option when turning Eufy in Away mode, that Google Home also will go in Away modus. And when Eufy is nog in the Away mode, that Google Home is in the Home modus.

I don’t see any advantages right now in the Google Assistant integration.

Please update the Google Assistant integration.

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