Grant 'Guest' users access to change security modes

My wife would also like to use the security app but is not interested in seeing any of the ‘complicated settings’, she just wants to be a ‘Guest’ user plus has access to switch between security modes (i.e. Home, Away, Disarm, Custom, etc.) via the security app.

Was this functionality (switching between security modes) ever available to ‘Guest’ users?

@bev44 The rest of my family has been using the “guest” account for over 6 months. Being able to change modes has never been an option for this type of user. To do that, you’d have to give them Admin rights, but then they’ll have access to the settings for each camera.

Yeah, 90% of the time, it won’t be an issue. However, it becomes an issue when my wife wakes up early to go to work (before I wake up) - deactivating ‘Sleep’ mode is not practical unless she uses my phone to deactivate.

Even if functionality to select what privileges you can assign to each user would be great.

@bev44 Agreed. It would be nice to be specific on what rights we allow our users to have access to instead of only two options. It would even be better to have it detailed by camera as well.

In the meantime, have you considered using a schedule for when your wife leaves to work? Through the Schedule mode you can change modes throughout the day automatically. For example, if she leaves to work at 6am, maybe you can have it change to Home mode from 5:55am-6:05am. This way she has a 10 minute window where your cameras will react differently while she gets in the car and leaves, then goes back to “sleep” mode soon afterwards. Also, if she’s not working the next morning, just select your regular sleep mode throughout the night and only use the Schedule mode when needed or until you wake up. I use the schedule mode on one of my home bases and it works well so far. Just a thought.

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Thank you.

That is a good idea and will have to give that a shot.

I am still working out what works for us as we have only had the system for a week now.

I was actually considering getting a second keypad for our bedroom to deal with the situation but it was just a thought.

@bev44 I’m not sure how many keypads can be connected to one home base. But it is a great solution and allows your family to change modes easily.

Glad you’re figuring out how the system can work for you. It takes at least a couple of weeks and “real” situations to see how things work out…then you can be creative and adjust accordingly. It’s not always perfect right out of the box on day 1, lol.

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I have two keypads for a similar situation. Last info I have seen says you can have up to 3 keypads on the same system. Its quick and saves fumbling with your phone. Another plus is you have a built-in panic button that will trigger the alarm and send notification to anyone with admin accounts.

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Not to forget the silent panic code you can set. It disables the alarm but also notifies admins of trouble.