Hacking or glitch?

Just wondering if this happened to anyone
The camera in my son room is moving in it’s on. Neither my wife or I are on the app or using it but it’s moving right left zooming in and out at times. Really looks like someone else is controlling it.
We just changed our password just in case but has anyone had any issues with that?

It’s pretty scary


The pan and tilt cam do a routine about 5 days a week at the same time. They spin around and then go back watching. I captured this on an indoor cam that was covering a portion of the same area as the pan & tilt. At 4:27 AM mine would do its routine.

I looked at network traffic and saw a couple of small data files that weren’t big enough for video, so didn’t worry about it. I added a second P&T cam later and it does the same thing, but at a different time. I think it’s some kind of calibration, but don’t know for sure. Other users here and on Reddit have seen the same behavior. Doesn’t happen on weekends for me.

I wouldn’t worry about it.