Help - Delay Connecting to Doorbell Live Feed - EVERY TIME

We have a constant problem connecting to our battery doorbell as follows:

  • notice of a doorbell ring has a lag of a few seconds (I can live with that)
  • clicking on the notification to take me in to the app to view live feed simply stalls and doesn’t load. I close the app and go in again and still can’t connect. By the time I get connected the person is long gone. Usually take to 7 mins to resolve. This has always been the case and we have never connected to the live feed to speak the person at the door.

We love eufy cameras. We have a number of different eufy cameras on a few hubs (to account for the large property). We are desperate to retain the eufy doorbell but we may as well not have it as the live feed is completely ineffective. I’m considering switching for a Ring door bell and don’t want to. I want all our security on one bank.

Has anyone got any solutions?

The ‘streaming options” so,w people refer to are not on our app. I could put it on its own hub? Does that make a difference?

Any suggestions gratefully received