HomeBase 2 + 4 Cams

Hi all …

how many streams or cams can be recorded in parallel?

If I walk around the house, one of the cams didn’t record.
It seems that only 2 cams can record parallel, the third one can not recorded.

Is something known?

As far as I’m aware they should all be able to record to the HomeBase at the same time. Eufy states the HomeBase 2 can support up to 16 cameras.

Yes … I’ve read this. But to support 16 cams and to record 16 cams it is a different.

Some times, if many people move around my house some cams do not record.
I thought, maybe … there is a restriction how many cams at same time.

This made me curious. I have the 3 cam 2c and 2k doorbell connected to homebase2. They all recorded at the same time on a test I did. My phone notifications all came through as well.