Homebase 2 cameras randomly out of range


I have an homebase 2 with 5 Eufycam 2C and 3 Eufycam Indoor.

WIthout changing anything, my outdoor cameras are randomly out of range. I swaped cameras places, distance, homebase place and it’s the same.

I saw that we can have 16 cameras in same time. What could be the problem ?


I have the same issue, have you found any solution!?

I don’t :frowning:

I randomly a few days ago started having issues also. Cameras aren’t activating with motion and when I try to look at live feed having issues with it staying connected- good for a few seconds then the swirl “preparing to play”… I’ve restarted everything and no luck.

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I am having the same issues two doorbells install on homebase, both have strong signal, one work great and sense motions the other don’t. When I switch the two doorbell location. Now the one that was working doesn’t and the one that didn’t do. Must be something interompting the signal somehow. I changed the location of the homebase, still the same results.

Try changing the 2.4 Ghz channel your router uses. The Homebase operates its own 2.4 Ghz wifi and your router may be trying to broadcast on the same channel. Also, make sure the router is using a fixed channel. Don’t let the router automatically pick a channel.

The other possibility is a neighbor’s wifi devices are interfering with the Homebase. Try using a wifi analyzer app and see what’s going on around you. The Homebase network will show up as a strong source, but hidden. If you set the analyzer to show the MAC address of the networks, look for one that starts with 85:8C:80 and that will be the Homebase.

Most of the time, the Homebase will pick channels 1, 6, or 11, but you can’t control which channel it picks. If you see a strong signal interfering with your Homebase, you will have to find out where its coming from and see if you can get the owner to change it. Chances are if its interfering with your Homebase, The Homebase will be messing up the owners signal as well.