Homebase 2 light

I recently noticed the blue light at the front of my Homebase 2 is no longer lit. The Homebase still seems to be functioning properly, however, with no light there is no way for me to tell if the Homebase is online or not by looking at it, I will have to open the app.
I restarted it through the app and also unplugged it for a few seconds but no change. When it’s restarting the red light does come on though.
Has anyone else experienced this? I already contacted Eufy and waiting on thier response.

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Welcome to the forum @JP118 and thanks for sharing your issue. This is the first time I have heard of it. You did the right thing by contacting eufy support.
Let’s wait for the resolution and please do share it here for the benefit of other members…

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Is it ever lighting up blue? If everything still works fine, it may be that the blue led is broken.

No it doesn’t light blue at all again. I had the same thought about the LED.

Have you contacted the customer support?

Just an update,
Eufy customer support said they will send me a replacement as soon as they received the old unit and sent me a shipping label. I had an issue with that as my system would be offline during this transition. I expressed this and they are willing to send out the replacement unit first. They said it’s out of stock at the moment though, but as soon as it becomes available they will send it out. I think it being out of stock helped with the decision they took as well :smiley:.
I’ll update again when this happens.

habe exactly the same issue with my homebase2. Everything is working perfect, except the blue light. Has eufy confirmed, that the blue light should be on all the time?

Hi, I knew I couldn’t be the only one, lol. Eufy are willing to change the Homebase because of this issue so that confirms this is not normal operation. At first I thought it may have been a feature in a software update to allow it to be taken off but there wasn’t any. I prefer it on as it’s a way to tell the Homebase is functioning with just a glance.
I advise you contact customer support.