HomeKit doorbell beta?

Hi is there a beta test for HomeKit on the wireless doorbell?


I’ve just installed the doorbell today and while the Homebase is HomeKit ready I don’t think the door bell is. Only the Eufycam 2 and 2C. (I think)

That’s what I thought but I seen a rumour that it might being coming to the battery doorbell at the end of June :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think the confusion has been Homebase and HomeKit both starting with the word Home and even eufy support has been giving us confusing answers. I wish @AnkerSupport would give us an official answer as to whether the Video Doorbell and/or the Battery Video Doorbell will every get the HomeKit support.

Even a “we’re working on HomeKit support but we have no ETA” would be great. Or “this version will never get HomeKit support” or the likes.



Thanks for your message.

The battery doorbell will support the Homekit in the near future, please keep an eye on the APP update.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out support@eufylife.com so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

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@AnkerSupport, Will this include HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) as well? Apple recently announced some great new features that will only be made available through HSV.


@AnkerSupport how about the wired doorbell when it’s integrated to a Homebase? will that support HomeKit as well?


Pretty sure they said wired doorbell will not have HomeKit.

May be with an upgraded version it is possible. Or, with Homebase integration?

Why no support for the wired version? I just bought the wired doorbell but would consider returning it if there is no HomeKit support.

Any updates on this please @AnkerSupport ? Timeframe for when it will launch?


Possible but it has the same 6500mah battery as the eufycam 2c that does support HomeKit. Let’s see…

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Hey guys!

For our eufy video doorbell, HomeKit has specific requirements on hardware. We’re actively investigating and trying. We are planing to working on this feature, but now it’s still too early to say yes or no on for the integration. Please stay tuned on our latest news.

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us!

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What do you mean by doorbell? The wired or wireless version or both? I bought the wireless doorbell based on your previous message from may saying Homekit support is on it’s way. I need to include my doorbell into my homeautomation (Homey) one way or the other. Because I can’t ring any z-wace doorbells or Google Home’s at the moment and I miss people standing at the door because of it.

If Homekit integration fails will you release an api or some sort of way to connect the Eufy doorbell locally to other home automation systems?


But it’s quite easy to say whether or not the doorbell meets these requirements right? Are you talking about two-way audio? I specifically bought this doorbell and invested in other Eufy gear because of your earlier statement that Homekit support was coming. I would be really disappointed if it’s not coming…


@AnkerSupport you confirm you were developing HomeKit support for the battery doorbell in Jan this year? And even in your eufy security app said HomeKit support was due in Q3 of this year… so what changed? That info has now been removed from the app and your info sounds like if support does happen it’s along way off.

Think we would just like some honestly around the subject… if we see a wireless video doorbell Pro version launched in October/Nov with HomeKit support and a sudden announcement the older versions won’t receive support because they aren’t compatible spec wise then you will annoy a large amount of customers.


@AnkerSupport Same question / issue. I’ve purchased the battery doorbell because the announced Homekit support. So really disappointing if this is not the case…


Add me to the list of people who purchased with the promise of HomeKit. You need to make this happen. The Eufy brand is tarnished enough, this will win back some of your customers.


Add another to the list. Updated all of my Logitech circles to eufycam 2 pro 2k outdoor and indoor pan & tilt because of HomeKit. Added doorbell because of my current eufy HomeKit setup and promise of HomeKit integration.


I‘ll wait till 25th of September - If there is no HomeKit support till then on the horizon - I‘ll send it back to amazon. :grinning:I like the doorbell but HomeKit support and therefore desktop support would be way better than just having the eufy app.