HomeKit Motion Notifications Every 5 Minutes

I have had no issues with my EufyCam 2’s paired with Apple HomeKit up until the recent firmware updates that were pushed to the HomeBase 2 and to the EufyCam 2 on 8/13/20. The firmware updates in question for the HomeBase 2 is firmware update (, and for the EufyCam 2 it is firmware update (2.6.6). Since the these firmware updates were installed, I have been having motion notification issues within the Apple Home App ever since. What will happen is that all of my EufyCam’s now set to “Stream” in HomeKit, NOT set to “Stream & Record” (HKSV) will now trigger the cameras on board Motion Sensor every five minutes.

I have reached out to Eufy Support and the Eufy Beta Admin in charge of the Apple HomeKit Beta Testing Google Group I was part of for the HKSV Beta Testing. I have only heard back from Eufy Support, and they pushed a new firmware update to my HomeBase 2 (fw and to my EufyCam’s (fw 2.6.7) on 8/23/20. This firmware has done nothing and I am still receiving false motion triggered notifications every five minutes. I have removed the EufyCam’s, reset them, reset the HomeBase 2, reset all motion zones, set motion zones, set motion sensitivity to one, set motion sensitivity to detect “Only Human Motion,”nothing works.

Here are also two reddit threads indicating other users are having the same issues as well:

1.) https://amp.reddit.com/r/HomeKit/comments/ibsrlk/eufycam_homekit_notifications_every_5_minutes/


Please address these issues Eufy, as it does not appear I am the only one having this issue now.

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EUfy Support Sent an email to me on Wednesday 8/26/20. Here is what they said for those interested:

Thank you very much for your informaiton.

We’ve already forwarded this issue to our engineer team and they are seriously looking into it. Our engineers will resolve this issue in the next firmware upgrade as soon as possible.

Again, sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and I’ll also try my best to continue forwarding this issue to the engineering team and hope they can accelerate the progress.

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Got the same message off them also as so annoying.

“ Thank you so much for the information.

I have forwarded your issue to our engineering team. And the good news is that our engineers have replicated the issue and now working on fixing the bugs with Apple engineers. We will release a new firmware update soon in 1-2 weeks, in order to resolve this issue.

Sincerely apologized for any inconvenience, and we really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. ”


@AnkerSupport is there an update to this issue? @MillseyUK had received an update from your Support Team on or around 9/1/20 and stated a firmware update would be out within 1-2 weeks to address the issue. It has been 1-2 weeks and I’d like to use my EufyCam 2’s with Apple HomeKit again.

Please let us know.