How to connect Eufy Video doorbell to Deta doorbell

Hello everyone,

I have purchased a 2K battery powered video doorbell and I want to replace it with the existing doorbell. My property has come with a DETA doorbell and the cabling looks like CAT5.

. Brown and brown-white cable is in one terminal, blue and blue-white in the other. This is what it look on the chime inside the house

Now, I mimicked the same wiring onto the Eufy doorbell

. However, the internal existing chime does not work properly nor does the Eufy doorbell get’s the power and continues running on battery mode. When I press the push button on eufy device, I get one “ding” from the chime and that’s it. The “dong” sound to complete the first “ding” never rings and no matter how many times you press the push button after the first press, the internal chime never rings.

My ideal use-case is as follows:

  1. Use the existing wiring to hard-wire the eufy doorbell
  2. Be able to use the existing chime. I want to turn off homebase chime and use existing chime

Please let me know if this is possible and what do I need to do. I understand use-case 2 might not be feasible, in that case please suggest an alternate solution.

Thanks in advance!