How to Fix Weak Wi-Fi for Video Doorbell (Battery)

Due to local regulations restricting Wi-Fi transmission signals, your Wi-Fi connection may be affected. If you’re experiencing frozen or delayed video from unstable Wi-Fi connections, try some of these solutions:

  1. For eufy Security HomeBase 2 owners.
  • Try moving HomeBase 2 closer to the doorbell.
  • Switch HomeBase 2 to wireless mode and position it in the middle of the router and the doorbell. To switch to wireless mode, go to HomeBase 2 Settings > General > Connection > Wi-Fi Setup .
  • Use a Wi-Fi range extender.
  1. For eufy Security Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime owners.
  • Position Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime in the middle of your router and the doorbell.
  • Use a Wi-Fi range extender.
  1. For eufy Security wired device:
  • Try moving the router closer to the device.
  • Use a Wi-Fi range extender.

If you still need assistance, contact our customer support team via the eufy Security app, send us an email at, or leave a comment below. We will respond as soon as possible.

The eufy Security Team


Explain more, local regulations restricting Wi-Fi transmissions signals
Does this mean a firmware update will be sent out for the HomeBase & Wi-Fi Doorbell Chime that will lower/reduce the transmitting power/distance for Wi-Fi?


En effet moi aussi j’aimerai en savoir plus!!!

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Yes it was already weak now unusable. I paid 200 euro for a floodlight cam 5 meters from my wifi access point that fails to connect. While my phones and other products have no problem connecting even further away from my modem. Al the tips are pushing the problem to the customer. While this is not our problem but yours eufy. This is unacceptable.


I have the same issue here in Italy. I’ve bought a floodlight camera that is working really bad with the Wi-Fi while other device manage to connect even from farther away.
It was much more stable in January then suddenly I don’t know if due to an update it became disastrous. Now the only usefulness of the camera is to act as a visual deterrent.
I am not at all satisfied I would like to return the product if it is not fixed


What some people forget is that your phone can use multiple wifi bands and signal strength is not the same as signal quality.
My doorbell is about 8 meters away from my AP and with a kitchen cabinet 2 walls in between them, still works fine.
That said i also (before the update) had setup my wifi channel usage to static instead of the default automatic. Try use a app like wifi analyzer, hold your phone near the floodlights and check wifi usage could be that your current wifi channel is also used by your neighbors. For wifi 2.4ghz stick to channels 1,6,11 as those don’t overlap each other


I know your point. But nothing changed in my setup. Before the update everything worked acceptable. I had no problem at all. We can talk hours on what is affecting the range or quality. The point is eufy changed something, my device isn’t working anymore du the change. Then they publish a list of thinks you can do what everybody knows what you can do to improve. I don’t care about that. I can’t set my router in the middle off my living room just because eufy updated my floodcam and makes it a problem of the customer. Unacceptable.


Same my videos a

Same here

Même problématique depuis la dernière mise à jour du 13/04/2022. Même en collant la Home base 2, prêt de la porte et en connectant la Home base en wifi ou même en câble. Cela ne resoud rien. Une véritable catastrophe. Je regrette même mon achat.

Same problem since the last update of 04/13/2022. Even sticking the Home base 2 close to the door and connecting the Home base via wifi or even cable. This solves nothing. A real disaster. I even regret my purchase.


Une réponse de la part d’eufy, ne serait pas du luxe, surtout au vue du prix de la sonnette et de la Home base, si j’avais su je serais aller voir la corrurance ( Google par exemple).

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Ce qui m’énerve le plus, c’est que ce message à 1mois, plus de 25000 vue, et toujours aucune réponse officiel de la part d’Eufy!!!
Je veux savoir qu’est-ce qui a changé au niveau “des réglementations locales limitant les signaux de transmission Wi-Fi”, et donc ce qui a changé au niveau du FirmWare!


How do I do that?

Same here, since the update one of my cameras really struggles to connect. Please sort this issue asap!!


+1, floodlight cam is now useless

It seems as though I’m not the only one who’s had problems with the floodlight camera disconnecting randomly since March.
Buggy software update methinks as I’ve done a firmware update on my router since then. I’ve also switched to a static WiFi channel on 2.4ghz. Eufy need to use 5.0 ghz for these cameras as it’s much more stable

But…… it’s not disconnected for the last couple of days now

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Same here

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I bought three cameras. Two work perfectly. One randomly disconnects. I have tried to figure a pattern to the disconnect. Time of day? High wifi usage? Nope. I am out of ideas. This camera has no interference and I’d closer to the router than the one that works perfectly

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Try this test if it’s easy for you to do… The camera that keeps losing internet connection swap its position with one of the cameras that doesn’t lose its internet connection. Now if that camera doesn’t stay connected.
Then you will know if something is definitely wrong with that cameras.

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None of these tips work!
Please provide a firmware update to fix these poor connection issues!
Was working flawlessly until recently! What have you done?

2k doorbell and homebase 2