How to Fix Weak Wi-Fi for Video Doorbell (Battery)

I have the samz problem since 2 or 3weeks with my doorbell

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I have an issue with different cameras from eufy. I liked eufy cameras until they start to be unstable. I contacted them several times but unfortunately, it seems they don’t want to accept the issue with their product.
I have more than 20 cameras, indoors, outdoor and bell.
They are at different addresses and all with high-speed WiFi connections.
It happens that all the cameras stop working (not playing live or saved video) at the same time and if they start working, all at the same time.
I test the WiFi speed of the locations and my mobile, all very high and I test it with different mobiles android and iPhone.
All shows that the problem is related to the eufy system.


Yeah something is not right. I had 2 cameras and a doorbell and all were working flawlessly for a month. Now both my cameras disconnect within 15min of rebooting yet the doorbell is still going strong. I hadn’t changed any settings but now I’m trying everything with no luck.

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I suspect Eufy is weak signal because it is using old 2.4Ghz Wifi tech and not 5Ghz wifi which is better for passing through brick and block walls. Eufy need to fix this. Using a Wifi repeater and plugging it in near you Eufy is your only solution right now.

Eufy definitely needs to fix the Wi-Fi connection issues that we are experiencing and not put it on us to figure out a workaround. Connections were working fine about 2 months ago and the posts here confirm it.

I have to correct you on that…

The primary difference between 2.4 and 5GHz bands is the range (coverage) and the bandwidth (speed) that these bands provide. For instance, the 2.4GHz band offers coverage at a longer range and can penetrate bricks and walls better; however, it transmits data at slower speeds. Instead, the 5GHz band gives less coverage but sends data at faster speeds .

Ideally, the 2.4GHz band should be used to connect devices for low bandwidth activities like browsing the Internet. On the other hand, 5GHz is the best option for high-bandwidth devices or activities like gaming and streaming HDTV. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For the last week or so connections with the doorbell is intermittently just dropped for no reason. I’ve had no issues for almost a year, but this has gotten out of hand. I’ve missed a couple of doorbells already when I wasn’t at home and this is just pathetic at this point. Either it’s the warmth or its just bad WiFi firmwares on the eufy devices. All my other devices have had not issues connecting (printers, tablets, laptops, phones, Sonos devices, Google devices, TVs. Name it. This is the only device that constantly drops Putin the last few weeks. Any thought or solutions for this item?

I’ve been having the same issue and have reported it twice. It seemed to start happening after the last update. I’d say it’s nothing to do with weak Wi-Fi. My doorbell is actually on our gate but I have outside access points and other non-Eufy cameras further away. It is only the doorbell that has suddenly started going offline. A reboot of the Homebase, which is a wired connection, consistently gets it back online.
This has been rock solid for over a year but now it’s useless.

Eufy is really lacking here. Shitty connection and no response. The response “buy a wifi repeater” is the worst solution I have ever heard.

Same as: Ill buy something from Eufy and when I have to pay, ill say: “Eufy get a bank loan”.


I see there was a Homebase firmware upgrade yesterday. Notice anything Duffy?

Exactly same problem. Restart the camera in the floodlight, through the app the livefeed works again. After a while, will lose connection again requiring a restart. And the wifi connection is very strong. Meanwhile for an indoor camera from Eufy further away from the modem, the livefeed works everytime without problem