How to improve your EUFY HOMEBASE wifi signal. (Don't make during the warranty period)

Morning everybody.

After 3 month thinking about how to improve the hidden wifi generated by my homebase, I found a solution! Is Eufy extender just a dream? Do you have the warranty period expired?
Ok let’s go haed…

Needed equipment:
3x wifi antenna 2.4GHz
3x RP-SMA to UFL/IPX connectors
1x human with manual skill

Link amazon of mine

Dismount the home base.
Dismount the thermal radiator.
Dismount the tree antennas.

Practice 3 holes on the home base case, one on each side where the legacy antennas are, those will be the holes where the RP-SMA connectors will be fixed.

Connect the tree UFL/IPX connectors instead the legacy antennas were and fixing the opposite side of the new connector (RP-SMA) on the hole done on the case.

Mount the thermal radiator and close the homebase.

Clamping well the RP-SMA connectors and connect the tree new antennas (10 dBi gain).

I hope that this guide can helping someone.

I do not know why I’m not able to upload the photos done to my home base, after charged this topic I try to modify it from my pc.
Let me just 2 hours.


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clearly, 1 antenna missing in front of the base that I’ve installed after made photos.



Great tip alessio_988, and thank you for the pictures!

I see the base of the cover has to be basically pried off. Got through that.

Now that I have the unit open, I can see the “thermal radiator” you refer to in the post is the heatsink. It appears to have four screws in it, but mine is still sticking and not coming loose - I am afraid to pry it too much, I wonder if the foam thermal heatsink material is causing it to stick… did you have trouble getting it off?

Thanks again!

Yes, the heatsink… sorry.

Removing the 4 screws on it the heatsink is still sticking.

Don’t be afraid…

start moving it up and down until moving it with more force upwards it detaches and you are left with the paste stuck underneath the heatsink, so at the end you will have the metal cover of the processor clean.

:call_me_hand: 1 week and the homebase modded works perfectly!!

You mustn’t use the screwdriver like a lever!

Why drill 3 holes per side?