How to keep the Floodlight Camera light turned on

Is there a way to keep the flood light on until i turn it off? Is there a way to set the duration that the light stays on when it is trigger by motion or turned on from the app?

I don’t need camera recording for the duration, just continuous use of the light.

Thanks I have 4 flood lights and control them differently. For three of them I have them set up from dusk to dawn. They stay at 25% brightness, until it detects motion and then it jumps to the full 100% for 30 seconds. My other one is off, unless it detects motion, which it then turns on at 100%. You also have the ability to choose what times (scheduled) you want the lights on.

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Can you control how long the spot light stays on for ?

@Neil_Switzer Yes, it’s under Lights Settings -> Lights Schedule. If you want to control how long the light actually stays on after a motioned event, then it under Light Settings -> Motion Triggered Lights-> at the bottom Timer for Lights.