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How can I define a username and password for RTSP?

Hi guys,

I have followed the entire SOP to setup my EufyCam E and indoor Cam. However, I encountered an issue that cams can be connected with no issue but only last for around 2-3 mins…, then it disconnected on the Surveillance Station. I used VLC try to stream to the IP Cam and it can be also streamed, but again… it disconnected in about 2-3 mins and both SS and VLC won’t reconnect it back again.

Does anyone have the same issue like me? Really want to solve this issue…, thank you.

Its that way by design. The cams aren’t active all the time so you lose the stream when they turn off. The cam E is a battery cam and would go through the battery in less than a week if the stream was active all the time. You may be able to stream the indoor cam continuously if you set it to record continuously, but it won’t if its set up for motion detection.

You should be able to save clips to your NAS if you set things up correctly. In the setup there is an instruction to trigger the cam when setting up the RTSP feed so that the NAS can capture the feed and save the stream address. If you don’t get that right, it will act exactly like you are seeing and not reconnect when the camera wakes up. I think the Help section of the app explains this, but its been so long since I set one up, I don’t remember the exact sequence.

Thank you Pysailr,

For both Cam E and indoor cam, they have the same issues like my mentioned. and I do think like you said there are some points that I did incorrectly. Can you direct me where I can find the trouble shooting? The Help section of the app does not help me to solve the issue.

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Try this link.

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Hello Yanyee1, is this solved or do you have a timeline for this ?
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Hi, Yanyee1,I just found this thread after installing my Eufy wired doorbell. I have a Synology NAS. I was disappointed to read that the doorbell camera does not support RTSP. Is there any news on when this might become available? Are there any workarounds??

I can’t get this to work properly. My NAS is only receiving 1080p for my 2k camera. How do I get my NAS to receive 2k?


I have the same problem as euf66, playing and recording only in 1080p, no 2k (on Nas Synology DS220 +).
Moreover, I do not have access to pan & tilt on my Nas.
Thank you for your reply.

Please support the wired doorbell with RTSP/NAS.

I have the same NAS and cannot find any settings to enable recoding of cameras. Very limited device I’m finding now.

I still have no idea what purpose this serves. I use an imac. Homebase 2 and only Eufy gear.

Can you record continously 24/7 to the nas?

Hello I have western digital EX41000 NAS how can I add my camera to WD?