Human detection not working

Hey everyone

I tried setting my 2K doorbell to “Human detection” and it detects absolutely nothing. Even if I stand 2 ft from the doorbell, it does not see me. I suspect the firmware version 5.4.2 being the problem. My previous Eufy 2K doorbell worked like a charm when set to human detection. It was on firmware

Has anybody experienced this problem?


I have exactly the same problem. Have logged a ticket, hoping it’s sorted soon!


Exact problem, but also experiencing issues with all motions for the past month.
I was contemplating sending it back.
Any updates Eufy?

Sorry to say if you are waiting for Eufy support to fix your motion detection then you are on for a long wait because they are useless and not really interested in sorting out problems, I have been waiting since October for a fix on human motion detection and to date nothing so if you can still return the goods do so because Eufy support do not care and are only interested in selling new stuff which probably inherited existing issues.


Same here. In “all motions” setting it works, but with a delay. People are already at the door before it records them after they walk the 4m long path to the door.

Exactly the same problem. I have taken my activity zone off and set the doorbell to highest sensitivity. Still randomly missing comings and goings

Same problem here.

Having the same issue here. Tried looking through my recordings to see if a package was stolen from my front door, and scrolling through, it never recorded the USPS worker at my door.

It appears it’s recording and then stops for a few hours and then records again. BUT, I get the motion alerts but the events are not being recorded. How???

Same issue, human only setting detects nothing (and the LED doesn’t light up at all), whereas all motion setting works fine.

For those with delayed notification issues with Android, try disabling all the Eufy app’s power management settings in app settings, i.e. don’t allow power optimization, don’t allow android to close app, etc etc. That helped and notifications didn’t get delays anymore.

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Any news on your problem ?