If you don't need Homekit, consider getting yourself a Homebase 1

I just received a v1 2 cam kit which included the Homebase 1 and to me it is no contest, the HB 2 was a significant downgrade. Most of the users who have been here a while already know this, but the HB 1 has a micro sd card slot so you can add up to 128 GB of space vs the HB2’s built-in 16 GB. The HB 1 also has a battery backup which is missing on the HB 2. The HB 1 has a special usb port for quick charging the cameras, which the HB 2 does not have. The HB 1 has a button on top it to silence alarms, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but worth mentioning. There could be more, but that’s off the top of my head.

No contest to me. I removed the HB 2 from my setup and ordered another 128 GB micro sd card.

Also note HB1 supports face recognition while HB2 not.

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Indeed. I haven’t gotten enough notifications to test what exactly that entails, but it’s true. I forgot that one, and it was a biggie when purchasing. lol

Does the battery doorbell work with the homebase 1?

Have you come across any problems with the cams like others have with cams2?

The Battery Doorbell works with it, installed tested and confirmed.

As of now I have one EufyCam 2, two (what I believe are the original) EufyCam’s, the Battery Doorbell, and a Pan/Tilt indoor cam.

The eufyCam 2 and one of the OG cams are mounted indoors, the other OG is mounted in my carport facing the driveway. Everything seems to be working based on my limited testing, but I literally just installed the OG kit today so will need more time to say if everything is doing what it should be.

The one thing I can say though is that I made a bunch of automations so if motion is detected on one cam others start recording. The Battery doorbell keeps detecting motion and triggering linked event recordings, then it decides to AI-filter whatever caught it’s attention, so there is no recording from the doorbell, just linked events. (Annoying.) For now I turned down the sensitivity on the doorbell and set it to human only. which so far seems to be helping (but I just made those changes a short while ago, so may find it still an issue)

Will report back if I find anything acting up.

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Wonder if the A.I facial recognition works with the doorbell.

Not sure, but I kind of don’t think so. Reason being if I go into notification settings on any of the 3 eufycams I get an option for facial alerts (I don’t think the Cam 2 had this option when it was on the HB 2, but now I don’t remember) however the Battery Doorbell does not have that option. Or at least the menu is substantially different anyway.

Yes as for June 2020 I can confirm that the Eufy battery doorbell is fully compatible. It does however require an update. Also the facial recognition does not work on the doorbell, which is a shame.

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Interesting enough, in the apps Smart Detection settings menu it shows the Battery Doorbell as having facial recognition capabilities. Shame they haven’t seemed to have enabled it.

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I have contacted Eufy and asked if it is possible to have facial recognition with Homebase 1 + battery doorbell. It should be right? The AI is on the Homebase. I will keep you guys updated. :grinning:


Wonder what there reasons were for not putting it on HB2.

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Probably because it doesn’t work well. At least it hasn’t gotten one yet, despite being loaded with hd images.

Noticed a difference between the OG eufycam and the eufycam 2 today as well… No way to set the OG’s to human only notifications. Would be nice if that could be added as a firmware update.

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Nice detailed analysis @Haadsecure thanks for sharing your findings here. :+1:

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So apparently because of the motion sensor in the doorbell, the facial recognition AI in the Homebase 1 is not compatible :sweat_smile:

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Translation: We don’t want to invest the time and money that it would take to get it working, because the HB 1 is depreciated and we have dropped that feature on newer hardware.

They should probably update their app so it doesn’t show as a compatible device.