IFTTT or Smartthings

+1 for Smartthings!!! When and how quickly? Please let us know!

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+1 for SmartThings AND IFTTT


I would be very interested in having an integration between Eufy and Smartthings. Features like being able to trigger security events as well as viewing the camera in Smartthings would be very useful.

I’ve just ordered a bundle in the Amazon Day sales after keeping an eye on it for several months after deciding to migrate away from Nest due to cost, functionality, and lack of integration to Smartthings.

Smartthings seem to lack good camera integrations leaving the only viable option being Arlo. If Eufy can crack this, and provide a rich set of features between both ecosystems, I can see Smartthings users adopting Eufy cameras. Google / Nest left a big hole in the market especially when Smartthings killed off its own integration with Samsung SmartCams.

It would be good to hear some comments from Eufy / Anker.


+1 integration to Smartthings


Would be cool - and help a lot.

Hi Everyone, I have petitioned for Eufy to open source their API’s and am trying to unite everyone from the previous forums. With enough backers maybe our voice will be heard.

Please support this and get the word out…


+1 for Smartthings!!!


IFTTT +1 this is a sentence

I just want to be able to put my pan & tilt in privacy mode without having to find it in the app. Don’t care if it’s through SmartThings, alexa or IFTTT.
But I prefer SmartThings

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+1 for both integrations! this is a MUST!

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+1 for IFTTT

+1 IFTTT or some way to trigger even a simple API. Such as Hubitat’s Maker API

I’m sure Smarthings as something like this as well

IFTTT support was promised in the original Kickstarter, back when the product was still known as Evercam. As much as I would love any sort of integration that is customizable, to be honest, I don’t have high hopes for them adding it at this point. I even have the retail box for some of my cameras which list IFTTT support as a feature.

While I understand the rationale for not offering these features in order to lock the consumer into the brand ecosystem, I find this logic questionable at best. Foremost, what I gather from this type of policy is that Anker has so little confidence in the other merits of their product bringing repeat business that they feel adding restrictions is the best way to ensure loyalty.

Additionally, the DIYer, tinkerer, or developer type is likely to return to a brand that offers the integrations they normally use as standard (in my opinion anyway). At the same time, the consumers that are likely to purchase the same brand out of convenience in avoiding having a separate system, are the same consumers that are unlikely to use something like an API or IFTTT.

I mean, there already is an API, it is just undocumented outside of Anker, and there is no way for users to authenticate via any method other than reverse engineering.

The other argument that I have heard in the past is regarding security. If anything, open source has shown many times over that security issues are identified and resolved more quickly because there are significantly more pairs of eyes searching and correcting the bug then people that work at the company. Security by obscurity is not security.

Please Anker/Eufy, we may be a minority of your customers, but we are also the most devoted and vocal. Giving us these features would provide an enormous return on investment for you, just by word of mouth recommendations. The people that would use IFTTT or an API are the same people who solve technology problems and give recommendations for all their friends and family.

Thanks for listening.


^ I’m also an original kickstarter backer and im extremely disappointed with the lack of ifttt support as advertised.

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+1 for IFTTT. If it can be integrated with Alexa, there isn’t any real reason it can’t be done for IFTTT?

+1 for smartthings!!!

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+1 for Smartthings!


+1 for IFTTT. Promises must be kept, right?

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I need IFTTT ……

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Smarthings household here, there is interest, add support please.