Increase frame rate on 2C pro?

Just got 2 cam 2c pro setup.
Motion triggering seems to be working ok, missed a few events we know about (4wheel motorbikes driving straight past the camera etc).

However we have one on our driveway, that you can’t go more than 10km/h past (steep gravel road) and the car is in view for 30m or so (about 10 seconds) and triggers the motion detector, but it’s almost impossible to read the licence plate even in a 2k recording. I’m assuming this is a frame rate issue? The picture looks good apart from the blurring of the actual car going past. I’ve downloaded clips to my phone and slowly scrubbed through and can’t get a usable frame at all (screenshot of best possible frame attached).

Is this hardware/firmware limit? Happy to take the battery life hit on increasing frame rate as an option.

As an aside, video is set to 2k recording, but the clips downloaded to phone are showing as 1080p.

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Oops just checked and it was recording at 1080p!

But never less, even at 1080p our old camera (reolink) was able to record at 30fps no issue and get clear licence plate shots.