Indoor 2k camera with homebase 2

As we can see, it is unfortunate that no one has been able to write a profound answer since last Monday. Sadly, that’s very typical of Eufy - Only vague promises are made, the implementation of which has been pending far too long and is often not implemented at all.
The saddest thing about all of this: An obviously very bad development, which is often extremely far from the needs of average users.
How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing an in-door camera that wasn’t fully integrated into the existing operating environment? Who would ever publish this solution as ready for the market if this means having to individually change the status for each additional in-door camera, regardless of the settings for other cameras, such as “E”, “2” or “2C” ? I call this an undesirable development that makes it seem that the developer and manufacturer never uses their own products.
Since mistakes can happen, none of this is even the problem - the real problem is that Eufy always makes empty promises to solve existing problems, but then either takes an eternity to solve them or does not make any changes in the end to be silent on the subject.

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… any reaction? Please.

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Any news about this???

no really a good way to handle your customers. What we are asking for is a deadline. Sept ? Oct ? Nov ? WE don’t know…
Reliable answers are more appreciated that false promises and useful to build company reputation.



Isn’t this ignorance, the complete lack of understanding for our problems and the enormous disrespect disgusting? It is one thing that problems can certainly arise, also with the development of products … but it is quite another thing to ignore paying customers in such an impolite and brazen manner and leave them out in the rain without to keep them up to date. What’s wrong with this company?


Still no response. Just bought the indoor 2k because of its compact size compared to the EufyCam2. To bad I found out it can’t be connected to the Homebase 2… Any news about this feature?


Absolutely ridiculous that this is not done yet. I now have to set by hand the security modes for my homebases and my cameras. FIX THIS


I was just about to buy these cameras when I stumbled upon this thread. I will reconsider now.
They said “soon” almost 4 months ago… so I guess their support is very slow.

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I wrote to support directly about this topic. See for yourself how bad the support is. Standard answer, framed of predefined text modules, with no recognizable signs that Eufy is taking the problem seriously. No evidence that anyone has any interest in solving the problem. It looks like Eufy wants us to buy the expensive outdoor cameras to solve our problems.

My message to support:
No response in Forum | Indoor 2K Cam not fully supported on HomeBase 2
Hello there,

I kindly ask to take this issue seriously -

As described by other customers and me, it is highly recommended to enable your users to operate the indoor cameras just like the other cameras - I is senseless to be in need for separate status switch for the indoor cameras. As it currently is, the indoor cameras are useless for users that also run outdoor cameras. I kindly ask for better communication and respect inside your forums.

All my best wishes from Berlin

Their stupid response:
Aw: [#99231460]: No response in Forum | Indoor 2K Cam not fully supported on HomeBase 2
Good day,

Thank you for your message.

We are very pleased to hear that you are interested in our products.
Thank you for your feedback. We are always working to improve our products and our service. We are therefore very happy to receive your feedback and were very happy to be forwarded to the appropriate place. Thank you for your help.

Our technicians plan this.

We continuously evaluate every customer feedback statistically (anonymously). This means that we are always informed about positive and negative aspects of our services. If there is pent-up demand, we will take it on with an appropriate priority. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

Once again, we thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

Good service is extremely important to us at Anker. If you have any further questions or problems with our articles, we are always at your disposal. Please simply reply to this email.

If necessary, I look forward to your feedback and wish you a very pleasant day.


Indoor cameras should connect to Homebase so their alarms can be activated alongside the not-loud-enough Homebase alarm.

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I can only recommend each of you to write directly to Eufy support ( Complain, insist on solving the problem. Write as often as you can until Eufy finally responds appropriately.

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I was told in an email last night that this feature is 3-4 months away

That is actually an unusually clear promise. One could live with that and it would be nice if this problem were actually solved then. Many Thanks


I bought this camera to connect with homebase 2. I am shocked that it actually does not connect. Dissappointed because of this. I hope this issue is handled swiftly!

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Mengdi, I just can’t believe that after all this time you are still ignoring what we are writing here. It’s incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional. We are the customers who finance your experiments and I think we should be listened more. taken more seriously.

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I’d also like to see this feature completed soon.

I have checked with the PM:

Compatible with Homebase 2 will add a lot of workload and it will decrease the stability of Homebase 2. So it is not planned in the near future.

Unfortunately this is often the case with eufy. Don’t buy something expecting it to support more features in the future. Sometimes it might. But they probably just don’t want you to buy a $30 camera and use it. Buy the $100 one if you want those features.

Yep, always the same with this stupid company … engineering stuff without using their brains, promising to fix mal functions and dropping their customers at the end when realizing that their engineering skills are insufficient … Well, I guess, I will request a refund. Suggest you guys to do so as well.

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To be fair, they never officially claimed it would support homebase. It was pretty clear at time of purchase